Happy Birthday Louis Braille

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The Story of Louis Braille There was a time, not long ago, when most people thought that blind people could never learn to read. People thought that the only way to read was to look at words with your eyes. A young French boy named Louis Braille thought otherwise. Blind from the age of three, young Louis desperately wanted to read. He realized the vast world of thought and ideas that was locked out to him because of his disability. And he was determined to find the key to this door for himself, and for all other blind persons. This story begins in the early part of the nineteenth century. Louis Braille was born in 1809, in a small village near Paris. His father made harnesses and other leather goods to sell to the other villagers. Louis' father often used sharp tools to cut and punch holes in the leather. One of the tools he used to makes holes was a sharp awl. An awl is a tool that looks like a short pointed stick, with a round, wooden handle. While playing with one of his father's awls, Louis' hand slipped and he accidentally poked one of his eyes. At first the injury didn't seem serious, but then the wound became infected. A few days later young Louis lost sight in both his eyes. The first few days after becoming blind were very hard. But as the days went by Louis learned to adapt and learned to lead an otherwise normal life. He went to school with all his friends and did well at his studies. He was both intelligent and creative. He wasn't going to let his disability slow him down one bit.



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2005年中国十大笑话终于出笼了1。石油电信电力等行业中几乎没有垄断,它是国家的,它是人民的。所以,它所获得的盈利都是为人民谋利益的。”  --12月22日国资委主任李荣融在国新办记者会上表示 2。“中国教育改革是成功的!一个承担着教育规模为世界之最的教育,实现了“两个跨越”:使85%以上的人接受了义务教育,使20%的人接受高等教育”  --12月22日教育部新闻发言人王旭明与网民交流 3。“药品不能当馒头卖!药价不贵,不同意降价”  --东盛制药集团总裁陶朝辉在“中国医药风云榜”颁奖典礼上抛出“馒头论”  4。“房产就该暴利!将暴利进行到底”  --11月中旬,北京华远地产董事长任志强在“2005首届中国地产品牌价值评估与品牌评选活动”论坛上发言  5。“矿难与矿工素质不高有关”  --11月30日黑龙江七台河矿难矿方领导接受采访表示  6。“出现‘警匪勾结’这种情况的重要原因是警察待遇过低”  --成都火车站派出所副所长付小华接受采访时表示  7。“起征点太高就剥夺了低收入者作为纳税人的荣誉”  --全国人大农业与农村委员会委员任正隆  8. “8亿多农民和下岗工人是中国巨大的财富,没有他们的辛苦哪有少数人的享乐,他们的存在和维持现在的状态是很有必要的。”  -- 经济学家厉以宁如是说  9.“反恐新方法---地铁家属免票制 ,碰到任何紧急情况下,能及时帮助疏散与救援,这是一个安全上的举措,并不是专门把免费作为福利.”  -- 卢光霖广州市地下铁道总公司总经理。  10 ."爆炸产生水和二氧化碳,不会污染水源"  -- 吉林石化的人所说